SP 311.1325800.2017

High strength concrete and reinforced high strength concrete structures. Design guidline

Document status: Active

SP 329.1325800.2017

Buildings and structures. Rules of inspection after the fire

Document status: Active

SP 330.1325800.2017

Buildings and constructions in seismic countries. Rules of design of engineering and seismometric stations

Document status: Active

SP 331.1325800.2017

Building information modeling. Modeling guidelines and requirements of exchange data between building information models and application package models

Document status: Active

SP 332.1325800.2017

Sport constructions. Rules of design. With Amendment No. 1

Document status: Active

SP 333.1325800.2017

Building information modeling. Modeling guidelines for various project life cycle stages

Document status: Replaced by SP 333.1325800.2020